The Reality of Senior Year

Janel Paredes, Staff Reporter/Photographer

You’ve been waiting for this moment since freshman year; the final field trips,

prom, and graduation. You have seen previous year’s kids do it, so why can’t you? Senior year should be like every other year, except it isn’t, it is your last real moments of childhood.

Most kids don’t know how to feel or act when it is their final year. There are a bunch of mixed emotions. Some are happy and excited, and others have gotten comfortable and fear change.

Senior English teacher and advisor, Jacqueline Rice, enjoys teaching seniors on their way to adulthood.

 “I am still extremely excited about getting to teach the senior class because I see it as an opportunity to teach young adults that are getting ready to prepare for the real world,” said Rice. 

Senior year is just that, getting ready for a new environment and taking on life as an adult. We are already living in the real world and going through very real things, but it is when we are at a particular stage in our life that we realize there is more to life than our high school image and shenanigans. With Rice’s class breaking the stereotype of senior year as a smooth ride, she reiterates how transitional it can be.

“Senior year is a high-level stress year that carries from the beginning to end,” said Rice. “From working with your college applications to the stress of picking the right prom color, the right prom date, and the right school or job after high school.” 

Stressors can be as simple as a prom dress to college applications; senior year is

a roller coaster of events and emotions. 

Senior, Jennah Mostafa, has a lot to say about how busy and filled with deadlines senior year is.

“In reality, you have a lot going on, with due dates, college applications, schoolwork, and keeping up with exams and extracurricular activities or a job if you have one,” said Mostafa. 

Senior year is a transition from being a teenager to becoming an adult. It is crucial that we all take our final year just as serious as our past school years because it does reflect on our future. It will be hard balancing being a kid and turning into an adult or student then an employee. 

“It is stressful navigating through the last year of high school, but it is essential for you to know it isn’t impossible,” said Mostafa.