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Third is a crowd

Third is a crowd

Picture this tragedy; your closest friend calls you at three in the morning crying. Sobbing over this guy for the fourth night in a row. Instead of sleeping, you begin comforting and assuring her that they are not the problem. To thank you they invite you out to lunch.

You arrive at the restaurant and see your friend at a booth waiting for you. As you walk over to greet her you are stunned by this sassy, narcissistic, ugly, no good, two timing man sitting with his arm around her. You are then forced to watch them kiss, calling eachother pookie for the hundredth time, and to top it all off they make you the cameraman for their tiktoks. 

 You are not only hungry; You are also wondering why you were invited out in the first place?  “Love” is in the air and to be honest you hate being in the middle of it. 

It gets draining being the third wheel. Constantly being the referee, therapist, and emotional teddy bear that they cling to when their relationship is on its last straw. After everything you do your friend pushes you aside to continue to be delusional.  

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UACHS Junior, Kiaralyn Tenorio can relate to what it feels like being the third wheel.  

“Sometimes I talk and I feel like I was not being heard,” said Tenorio “ Feeling like I was not valid enough to be included.”     

As much as it might make your friend happy, do they ever think about how it makes you feel? How their relationship overshadows every aspect of their life including their friendship with you? 

There are certain boundaries in a friendship that should not be crossed out of respect. Being the bodyguard to your friend’s heart and protecting them from heartbreaks can take a toll on you. 

Yes, you can be there for your friends however, when will they take care of your needs? In 2024, make a new plan and distance yourself from the love birds to keep you and your sanity at peace. With Valentine’s day around the corner, decline the invitation to a double date with your bestie and appreciate yourself.

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