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Second chance rejection

A woman looking for love on Bumble after getting her heartbroken.
A woman looking for love on Bumble after getting her heartbroken.

One of the main things people think about after the end of their love story is “what’s next?” The person who caused the break up may still be in love with you, but once it has been made clear that there is no hope to make things right; they go looking for love in all the wrong places. 

It is clear that someone has lost a good thing once they go out and start living the party lifestyle and ignoring all precautions. They also start seeing and messing around with new people as if this is the only way for them to live. 

People who are the aggressor, or are the reason things are over, in the relationship are often the reason that things come to an end. 

Once they realize that they messed up, they often come to an understanding that it is too late to make amends. They mess around with multiple people, do not think about their health and dance their life away. 

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That person will go out looking for the same love and same feeling that they once had with you, but it is obvious that nothing can compare to you. 

It is common that the person who broke your heart actually ends up feeling bad after the fact but does not think about the direction they are going while in the act of actually breaking your heart. They show remorse after the match is over, but show no mercy during the actual fight.

While they may still be in love with you, you think of all the hurt and pain they have put you through. Whether you are also still in love with them or the love is completely gone, you think about the hole in your heart that you do not want to be torn even further. You do not want them leaving you completely broken. When the no good heartbreaker comes to your door begging you to come home and to give your romance one last try, your attitude towards them is “the damage is done.” 

The idea of “if they only would have fought harder for you” is forged in their heart. After being painfully rejected after asking  for another chance, there is nothing left to do but sulk and accept the break up. 

A picture of someone else is always in their phone and multiple people are in their contacts. If they do end up in a new relationship, they mess that up quicker than they messed up with you. That is when that low-down good for nothing nobody realizes that because you had genuine hope in things getting better for the two of you, they had more time to fix things with you than they did with that new someone. Thoughts about what could have, should have, and would have been, constantly crosses their mind. 

         Moral of the story, do not stick around for someone who puts no effort into making your relationship work. If they do not want to fight for you, do not bother fighting at all because in the end you are only losing yourself in fighting for someone who never bothered to fight for you. 

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