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Fake smiles and hidden agendas

Fake smiles and hidden agendas
Deshawn Murchison

We all know the saying “keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.” However, there are times where you need to be aware as to when it is necessary to cut the enemy off. 

It is not healthy to keep toxic energy in your life, especially during your high school years, where drama seems to circulate the most.  

In a world filled with fake smiles and hidden agendas it is time to expose those “friends,” who are not true to you behind your back. 

You have to be careful with the people who you hang around with. Especially the ones who are two faced. These are the slimiest types of friends. 

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People can be two faced in many ways. One way is when they are bad mouthing you to other people behind your back, but act like everything is normal when they are around you. They tell your secrets to others. They try to show off in front of other people, often making you look bad. 

Oftentimes in these situations no one really knows what to do. Most people may say they have the intention to cut people off; which would be the logical solution. However, it is not always that easy.

Some people have a long history and give others the benefit of the doubt. They give them chance after chance, because they love them and will miss the friendship. This is especially true if you have known them for years. It may be hard to just let the friendship go.

Being two faced can cause a lot of problems, even leading to fights, but not everything should be all about violence. 

UACHS senior, Jakiyah Harris has experienced a situation with two faced friends.

“You just have to ignore the negativity,” said Harris. “Try to talk things out with that certain person and if that does not work just erase them from your life.” 

Chasing a person is something you never want to do. If a person is acting weird when you confront them about doing something you do not like you should leave that person alone immediately. If you do not, that person will feel like they can walk all over you. They will continue doing things behind your back all while expecting you to run back every time.

In friendships, you have to make sure there is mutual respect and trust. If there is ever a moment where you feel someone is being sneaky and causing issues behind your back the bottom line is people will only get away with what you allow them to. Look out for you and your happiness.  

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