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Art under the influence

Juice Wrld in indulging in his addiction
Juice Wrld in indulging in his addiction

  The music industry impacts the world in more ways than one on a regular basis. We hear music everywhere. Whether it be on our screens, cars, or even outside, music infiltrates our lives regularly. 

Whether it is a track, its lyrics or the style of the song, we can all find something to appreciate about music. However, while we are surrounded by music and love how it makes us feel, the artists who create the art we love so much find other ways to reach their moments of zen. 

Whether it be because of their personal life or because of the business, many musicians, singers, and rappers use drugs recreationally or fall so deep into their troubles that they use drugs as their getaway to numb their sorrows.     

Artists such as Eminem and Whitney Houston had drug issues caused by their personal life. 

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Pop and R&B icon Whitney Houston, often referred to as “The Voice,” was introduced to cocaine and marjuana at her 16th birthday party by her older brother Michael. She and ex-husband, r&b singer Bobby Brown, started using them more frequently during their 14 year marriage. Between their tumultuous family life, and the pressure of being under the spotlight, Houston drowned in a bathtub after what was believed to be an accidental drug overdose at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California.       

Rapper Eminem started using prescription drugs in the year 2000. Similar to Whitney Houston, his toxic off and on marriage with now ex wife Kim Matthers, at this time, Eminem got clean, then relapsed again after Proof’s passing. He would often go to interviews and press conferences and even perform live shows under the influence.            

Thankfully, Eminem was an artist that came out of his addiction and survived. He claims that when actor Heath Ledger died from an overdose, that was a wakeup call for him to get his life together. He still tours and makes music today on his 16th year of sobriety. 

Countless people use music as a means to help them cope and it is upsetting that many of our favorite celebrities find dangerous and often life threatening means to help them cope. While the high temporarily makes them feel good they often do not see the long term damage. 

Think of artists like Amy Winehouse, Mac Miller, and JuiceWrld who are no longer with us because of their involvement with illicit drugs and alcohol. It is a shame that the same problems that are affecting society also ravage the music industry in waves. If only inspiration came from just the experiences of living and not the, “eight doobies to the face and twelve bottles in the case.” 

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