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The legacy problem

The legacy problem

You are in class and all of a sudden you hear this loud, agitating, degrading noise which happens to be one of your classmates. All you seem to hear coming out of their mouth is that every teacher loves them because their siblings went here but in actuality, nobody cares. They start rumors, talk a whole lot, play the victim and oftentimes are behind many of the issues that seem to plague UACHS.   

Quick disclaimer, this article will discuss various opinions on legacy and grade issues. Everyone knows what a legacy is but what happens when the legacy is  messed up and instead of adding to the wonderful legacy left behind by their family, they come in and destroy their reputation.  If a legacy decides to vape, get into fights, argue, and disturb the peace in the school, would you expel or suspend the students or keep them in this school?

According to college admission counseling website, “An applicant normally has legacy status at a college if a member of the applicant’s immediate family attends or attended the college… However, at certain schools, it might also mean a grandparent, aunt, uncle, or cousin attended.”  

 Being a legacy comes with its perks. I myself was a legacy at my middle school. I completed my work and rarely got into trouble unless it was the occasional forgetting of my tie at home. 

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In the charter school system, if you are a legacy it becomes easy to get a decision. You do not have to deal with the hassle of waiting and worrying to get accepted to a high school or college. Not all legacies are bad kids but a select few tend to act out more than others. 

Junior English Teacher, Amina Farah has been teaching at UACHS for 16 years and has experienced various generations of siblings. 

“Legacy children feel like they are privileged and entitled to get away with whatever they want because they had family that went here,” said Farah. “They tend to perform poorly in academics rather than the regular students.”

Perhaps allowing legacies easy admission is not the best idea. These students should struggle like everyone else does at getting jobs or receiving acceptance letters. These kids need to understand that just because you had family here and they did well that does not mean you already earned your way. You need to put in the work and pave your own way.

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