School to step up service learning

Thara Dambreville

June 17, 2015

A major goal of the school’s new five-year plan is for the school to become more involved with the community, according to supervisor for curriculum and instruction Todd St. Laurent. “If we can help the community and learn...

Students feel safe despite violent neighborhoods

Eliza Jeffery

June 17, 2015

Drive-bys, loud commotion, drugs hidden in bushes, kids killing kids, adults and teens cursing and fighting are common occurrences in some of the Jersey City neighborhoods students live in, according to news stories and interviews...

School faces $500,000 budget deficit

Joane Dona

June 17, 2015

Each year the state notifies the school how much money it will get for the following year. Next year the school will receive about 9 percent less than this year from the state, according to business administrator Nick Puzo. “This...

PARCC shortens test for next year

Alex Garcia

June 17, 2015

PARCC testing this year caused a great deal of stress for students, teachers and administrators this year, so they may welcome the changes the state has made for next year. The PARCC governing board voted to shorten the tests...

Christie scandal, attitude hurt his career, New Jersey

June 17, 2014

by Alexis Gadsden New Jersey residents were shocked by the bad traffic jam near the George Washington Bridge September 11, 2013. Little did they know that Bridget Anne Kelly, one of Governor Chris Christie’s staff members, had...