Clouded By The Smoke

The variety of vape pens.


The variety of vape pens.

Asala Bensahla, Staff Reporter

Whether you are upstairs or downstairs, In or out of the stalls, the bathrooms are filled with kids gossiping and vaping. 

Overall, vaping has become a constant problem within the United States. Recently, it has become one of the biggest issues worldwide. 

With the opening of many vape and smoke shops, more and more adolescents that may be curious or feel the need to be just like everyone else succumb to the latest fad and start vaping. 

Teenagers start vaping for different reasons. Reasons that vary from peer pressure, lower self image and even the need to try the variety of flavors. 

UACHS Junior, Hermannie Williams feels that teens vape to escape and look better in front of friends.

“I feel as though kids vape because they think it makes them look cool or it just makes them feel better as the buzz hits them,” said Williams. 

Teens could be addicted to the buzz that the nicotine gives you or the many colors and flavors that are offered. The buzz may cause lightheadedness for first-time users. It is a side effect that rarely occurs as usage continues. This is because the brain and body eventually begin to tolerate nicotine.  

Vapes are also more accessible because they are not expensive, ranging between $15-$25. Vaping has become a phenomenon throughout the world as a substitution for cigarettes. 

According to The National Health Services, “Most people stopped smoking cigarettes and switched to vaping. Around 2.5 million adolescents in the U.S. vape.”

With the rise of vaping in popularity, the public has become more aware of the side effects. 

According to, Some of the side effects of vaping are coughing, dry mouth and throat, shortness of breath, mouth and throat irritation, and headaches. They also have some long term effects such as anxiety, lung problems, and difficulty learning which is important to students who are in school that need to learn and find it hard to focus. 

Unfortunately, the majority of young people who use vapes purchase their supplies from neighborhood stores or gas stations that secretly sell to underaged kids. Others might be receiving them from friends and family.

From bathrooms to classrooms, teenagers can’t stop from hitting the “buzz.” 

With it being 2023, vaping is the latest addiction to afflict UACHS. Students who vape in class cause distractions for other students as well. 

Additionally, it might result in poorer academic performance and ratings. No matter the reason why, students will still vape regardless. It is important to remember that the long term effects are still unclear since it is a new technology. With enough determination and will-power, this generation has a chance to break the cycle of addiction.