The Unknown Future of UACHS


The front of the UACHS building Photo Credit: Kyle Angeles

Jaelin-Renae Arceo, Editor in Chief

A little rumor here, a little rumor there. If you haven’t heard or read about it

here is the real talk; as of June 2022, NJCU, our parent school has declared a “financial emergency.” As the college continues to lose money it raises questions for our future as students. Are we going to have a school to come back to in September? 

Back in 2002, a group of parents and educators believed that there should be an alternative to the Jersey City Public School system. From there, NJCU was approached and decided to apply for our charter, it was then accepted by the state charter school office. 

The school is committed to service learning which involves students in an educational experience that fosters a drive to learn more about the world and a fierce dedication to justice and service to others. 

 Now, NJCU is on a budget shortfall due to the fact that their enrollment did not increase. In turn, they were incapable of keeping up with their real estate expansion. 

UACHS itself does not cause the budget problems, as we are in the positive budget revenue. Although our numbers are positive, NJCU still has a lot of money they have to get back. UACHS principal, Erie Lugo, expands further on UACHS’ role in everything.

“There is currently a consultant group that is in the process of evaluating west side

 real estate which UACHS happens to be a part of,” said Lugo. “Due to the shortfall, there are cuts NJCU has to make. It is possible for the group to say, ‘is this building worth selling to cover the shortfall?’”

As more people hear about NJCU’s financial woes additional questions are asked on the daily, mainly about where we would be if we lose the building.  

“Even if we did not have this building we would have a school. Worse comes to worst, We could get up and move and find another building,” said Lugo. “Besides, due to the government bond, you can’t just put something that isn’t a school here.” 

While rumors continue to circulate and frighten our student body, the fact remains that although we are part of NJCU, we are still a separate entity.