Science Fair 2022: Observation, Hypothesis, Conclusion


People attending science fair. Photo Credit: Flickr

Melonie Johnson

After tons of research and a couple months of compiling information, it is finally

time for the annual science fair. Students will have the opportunity to showcase their scientific ideas and experiments. It is typically held in the MPR, after school at 3:00pm. This year, it takes place on December 15, 2022.

The science fair is not just a day where you show people your work, it’s a day where you compete to be the best and win the first place ribbon. Students are judged by a select panel from NJCU. The judges choose three finalists and those chosen will receive trophies. From there, they will also be registered to participate at the S.T.E.M. Showcase that is held at The Liberty Science Center. Not only are the winners representing themselves, they are also representing our school.

Biology teacher, Rita Bassil, is the one who manages the science fair. She encourages students to join, even if they are not in her class. She believes it benefits in many ways to help students, not only academically, but it also brings out creativity.

“It allows students to create projects that try to solve environmental and scientific problems that revolve around them,” said Bassil. “They have to do a high school level science project that applies and allows the steps of the scientific method.” 

The science fair is all about expanding your own imaginations. Judges are not looking for something simple, they want to be surprised. UACHS junior and competitor in the science fair, Eman Atshan gives friendly advice to her fellow peers and believes that the more details you add the more professional you look. 

“Decide the topic. Research the topic. Prepare yourself for any question that could be asked by anyone,” said Atshan. “In order to do that you should study and learn the subject by heart. Then, organize everything and plan the way you want to present it.” 

As the date approaches, students prepare to display their true scientific skills. You 

never know who may win, and how far they will get in the competition; so get to work, scientists, and good luck!