Making a difference: The power of Fundraising


Photo Credit: Janel Paredes

Harpreet Dhami, Staff Reporter

 You need money for your senior trip, equipment for your team or maybe even a new camera for the photography club. How do most high school students raise funds for all of these things? They do it by fundraising. It is a way of life for most high school students. It is part of being in a club or on a sports team because most schools lack funding for the majority of their activities. 

Fundraising allows students to have more activities in school and creates more opportunities for students to be fun and creative. It allows students to experience what it takes to plan activities and can help students to learn skills outside of the usual curriculum by giving them leadership roles.

 A great way to fundraise is during the holidays or on special occasions so everyone can get new gear or have delicious cookies, candies and other sugary items. UACHS junior, Ameenah Lawrence, feels fundraising is important for students and their beliefs.
“Fundraising is valuable because it allows people to donate towards causes that are important and bring awareness to them,” said Lawrence. 

Fundraising helps spread awareness, by reaching as many people as possible in order for their upcoming activities to be successful. Social media can help them and notify anyone who would like to help the students. 

Approved fundraisers will impact the upcoming generation since it will guide others if they are trying something new and different. To have a successful fundraiser, organization is key. The event not only has to be creative, it also needs to be organized and arranged properly.


“Making the fundraising more organized and having a specific place in the school where fundraisers are held is key,” said Lawrence. “Like when we did the bracelet fundraiser last year and made them open to all students instead of just one grade.” 

It is essential to have permission from administrators to have more fundraisers. So, students need a valid reason to have one and need to be specific about their goals when trying to fundraise. 

Students learning how to handle money can benefit them in the future. It is vital to be organized and work hard with creating ideas so that administrators can acquiesce to the student’s satisfaction. It is also important to remember that through fundraising your organization will receive more attention therefore, the fundraising can be used to promote your sport or cause. Ultimately, fundraising can only be successful if the person sponsoring is well-skilled and passionate. Now, all that’s left to do is to get out there and take action for your cause. With drive and determination, you too can make a difference.