Mister Ambitious Masters Discus

Jessye Greene

The discus, a heavy metal disk, has been thrown all over the world as a challenge since Ancient Greek times. Today this Olympic sport has become highly competitive within the high school level, but it’s not easy.
With practice and dedication, Jaiden Frazier, senior at UACHS has made history. After three and a half years, he has broken the discus record.
Before discus, Frazier competed in two other sports but eventually decided to quit.
“When I was younger I did soccer and lacrosse, but I did not continue, due to accidents and my friends who left the team,” said Frazier.
Frazier joined the track team three years ago after his mother learned about the opportunities the previous track coach provided, encouraging him the whole way through.
“I don’t really like other sports like football and baseball, so I tried track because of Frederick Williams,” said Frazier. “He told my mom he needed a thrower.”
Frazier joined the track team in the spring of his freshman year. As time went by, he continued the sport and saw how much he loved competing. The practices, the feeling of being on a team, and especially the winning feeling.
“I like the track meets, it’s very invigorating, the medals are the best part though,” said Frazier.
Going into his junior year, Frazier decided it was time to try something new being that his prior coach retired.
“My junior year of high school my mom got me a private trainer to start doing discus because Coach Williams left,” said Frazier.
Working with a private trainer was extremely beneficial for Frazier’s career. He was beyond excited to break the record due to his far distance, primarily because of how proud it made his mom.
“I was really happy to break the record. Especially since it made my mother happy,” said Frazier.
Frazier believes that breaking the record is not his last stop, he plans to continue to break more records in high school and college.
“This is not my last time breaking the discus record, I plan on breaking my own record too,”said Frazier. “I plan on doing track in the future, like in college.”
Although Frazier has broken the discus record, this was not enough for him. In the future Frazier hopes to try out different aspects in track and field.
“I want to also try javelin and hammer in the future,” said Frazier.
Frazier has some tips for those interested in discus.
“You’re going to lose some and win some, just stay consistent and work hard,” said Frazier. “Always have an upbeat attitude and be prepared for lots of training, your form when throwing the disc is very important.”
During his last year at UACHS, Frazier will continue to work hard and bring more medals and fame to the school.

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