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A star on and off the track

A star on and off the track

Junior Dayvia Hickson is thriving as she shines a light on what it means to be a student athlete. Not only is she the number one shot putter in Hudson County, she is also ranked third in her junior class while excelling in all her AP and honor classes.

 Hickson is currently taking AP Human Geography and working on a 22 page research paper for her English class. Most people would think that juggling rigorous classes and sports would be too much for a student athlete but Hickson isn’t too keen on giving up.

“When I was a freshman and sophomore I honestly wasn’t focused on grades but I did enough to get by,” said Hickson. “Now that it’s junior year, things are more serious.” 

Hickson started taking her grades seriously, realizing college applications were coming up and other opportunities may start to arise. A question many will ask is whyif why go through all that if you’re going to be tired everyday? 

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“Sometimes being a student athlete is okay and other times it can get a little stressful,” said Hickson. “You have to spend hours doing school work and then spend two hours at practice so when you get home you’re tired and your head gets a little fuzzy.” 

Sports can substitute hobbies or be a source of outlet for many kids, which is why they choose to participate in them. Balance is something that is key to being a great student athlete between balancing good grades, keeping up with practices can be hard. 

Hickson participates in track and field for the UACHS Generals as a shot putter. This is a sport that takes an insane amount of concentration and arm strength. She is ranked first in Hudson county in this category and has dominated every meet she has competed in since first joining. .“When I’m on the field I don’t have to worry about anything other than throwing the ball,” said Hickson. “No essay for Farah, or any homework.” 

Being a student athlete may be hard but it makes your school experience worth it. Besides, who wants to only worry about research papers?

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