The Generals need your support

Jasani Carter, Reporter

Imagine you have been staying after school for weeks to practice for the big game. You are not participating in family events in order to perfect your jump shot and dribbling skills. You are running with the ball slowly, losing your breath hoping to take a break. 

Finally, it is time for the big day. As you are changing in the bathroom, you overhear students laughing and stating that your team is going to lose. As you turn to your captain, she reminds you how hard you have worked for this game; as a team. 

Walking into the gymnasium, you see the opposing team. Behind them is their whole school cheering them on. While on the other side of the court is your school with only four students there supporting your team.

No matter the amount of school work, the sprains, and injuries you gained from practicing  or being sleep deprived, our athletes still represent UACHS on the court.  However, they receive little to no faith from our school. 

Even with the lack of victories for our teams this season. Eman Atshan, a player on the Generals, enthusiasm, and drive has not waned.  

“It’s disheartening to know that they think the basketball team stinks,” Atshan said. “We try to explain how hard we work nonstop and sometimes we prioritize basketball over our personal life.”

The Generals have shown great sportsmanship and held their heads high on and off the court. Yet students at UACHS instead overlook this team’s improvement and discourage them online. 

Instagram account Hcial_Flyers has numerous insensitive comments about the generals final score after a game such as:

“Stop letting them on the court,” said @wydluisss. 

“Kick them out of the League.”@mvlmanny 

“Bruh they need some new coaches, and put them in camp they stink” @qyunlikethem.

The comments are despicable especially when the player’s hard work is overlooked due to a final score. 

 Being in high school is never easy. However, due to the hardships you go through during your teen years, it is vital to have a stable support system to help you when you are struggling. As a school, we should be focusing on supporting each other, which includes showing

up to meets or games, even if you are not interested in the sport. 

Although students outside the teams may not know it, support means everything when it comes to competing; it may even help some players improve and eventually get those coveted wins.