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Where are you?

Get to the game on time!
Where are you?

As a team, you do everything together. You win together, lose together and walk in

 the rain, lugging all your gear and school bags together. On the way to the game, about half of you are on Google maps, trying to navigate the back roads nobody knows about. As you all proceed after what had already felt like an hour journey, the wind blows harsher and the rain comes down harder. Meanwhile, your opposing team speeds by you on a bus full of girls joking and talking up the game. You all sigh, realizing that you are still a fifteen minute walk from the field, after you already got on the wrong light rail a handful of times. By the time you warm up and the first inning starts, you are exhausted, which results in another saddening loss for your team. 

If it is within Jersey City, all UACHS athletes are to find their own form of

transportation to and from games and practices. Whether it be on the city bus, or on the light rail; it is your responsibility to find out how you will get there as a TEAM. However, as easy as that may seem, it tends to take a toll on athletes over time. 

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Junior shot putter, Dayvia Hickson has been taking public transportation for a significant amount of time during her athletic career at UACHS. Not being provided transportation 

has taken a toll on her overall and makes her question her safety when traveling home from practices and meets. 

“It feels as if there are always going to be strange people trying to talk to you,” Hickson said. “If I were to be on a bus with my teammates, I would be safer. Sometimes on the public bus, you encounter people making you feel uncomfortable.”

Although it may be easier to travel on public transportation rather than walking everywhere, it is not always the cheapest option. Bus tickets cost about $1.60. While that may not seem like a lot at first glance, numbers begin to add up. Just for one day of transportation, to and from practice; an athlete would have to spend three dollars. For a week’s worth, it would be about $16. If you were to look, numbers that would be at least one hour of work at a minimum wage paid job. That is money gone, just to provide yourself transportation for your sport. 

UACHS Junior Sprinter, Chiara Roe, feels neglected as an athlete once she sees

other schools at meets. 

“When I see other teams get off their big buses, I feel a bit jealous,” said Roe. “When we get on and off the bus, that is money coming out of our pockets.” 

The overall mental and physical well being of our athletes is important, especially

if we want them to succeed in their sports. Although we may not be financially able to provide each team with a bus to practices, they should be provided one to games and meets for the sake of their safety.

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