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Waiting. All your other friends from the Jersey City Public Schools are posting their schedules on social media, trying to compare schedules with friends, complaining about classes. It is the end of summer, naturally, you log into powerschool, however, there is no schedule. Instead, you are greeted with a “TEMPORARILY DISABLED,” button; only to find out you do not receive your schedule until 9 PM the night before you are supposed to report back to the building. 

Schedules are a big thing for students—especially the seniors. They are what shape our 

last days of high school, and overall gives our school life structure. While we do have priority for add/drop as upperclassmen; many students still find themselves unsatisfied on the first day.

A UACHS senior,who would like to remain anonymous, believes everyone’s life could be easier, teachers included, if schedules were FINALIZED the previous school year. 

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“Yeah, we have our senior meetings, but in some ways it feels as if it is not taken into account,” Anonymous said. “I would like to know who is teaching me. Instead, I have been here for three years and come in completely blind sided, as a senior.”

 For the longest, schedules and requirements have been a stressful topic. You have juniors struggling to find out their requirements so that they can enjoy the following year, and seniors scrambling to find theirs so that they can graduate. However, all of this confusion can be solved if students take a majority of their required graduation classes during their freshman and sophomore year, this way, as upperclassmen they can enjoy and get all the stress out of the way early. 

For those of you avoiding certain classes; there are particular graduation requirements you must fill in order to graduate, so you may just have to take them anyway. If you are a freshman or sophomore, take advantage of the fact that they are on your schedule. The truth is, they will not be any less annoying when you are a senior. It will save you a lot of headache in the following years.  

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