Money for college

A student graduating with many different scholarships 
Photo credit: Unsplash

A student graduating with many different scholarships Photo credit: Unsplash

Josephean Abdelnour, Staff reporter

Waiting. Anticipating. You log onto the common app, anxious to see whether or not you get into your dream school. You click on your application status, jumping for joy to know you got in. However, once your emotions settle down, you talk with your parents. They tell you they are incredibly proud. However, they do not have the money to pay for the tuition.

Getting accepted to college is considered a significant accomplishment. However, with 

inflation, the prices of everything go up. Including the cost of college. 

Since money is tight, students need help figuring out their financial situation. Knowing how to apply for Scholarships is one way to help assuage financial needs.

Jacqueline Rice, the senior English teacher, expands on how scholarships are beneficial.

 “A scholarship often helps to finance a person’s education; it supplements the gap that exists and allows people to go to school without worrying about money or finances,” said Rice. 

However, scholarships do not only rely on your grade; there are other opportunities

for financial aid.  

According to, “There are many kinds of scholarships, including academic/merit, Community Service, Need-based, and athletic.” 

Merit scholarships are awarded to students for academic achievement, leadership, and extracurricular activities. Scholarships can be essential to furthering one’s education.  They can help students avoid loans.  

However, it is vital to remember that some scholarships could be scams. If they ask for your social security number or bank account, some want to scam you to get money, even though it seems ironic. These scams oftentimes seem real, but they are dangerous; knowing about them can give you a sharper eye on where to look for scholarships and which are best for you.  

According to, “…the scammer typically promises to help you find and obtain scholarships but will instead take your money.”

With this in mind, having a scholarship could be beneficial towards your future, no matter what you intend to study. It is an opportunity to get paid for just filling out an essay or an application. Mone