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Focused on creating a masterpiece

 Musical prodigy Dion Mitchell playing the piano at the Black History Month showcase.
Deshawn Murchison
Musical prodigy Dion Mitchell playing the piano at the Black History Month showcase.

I got in the car with my Father. As I get comfortable and buckle myself in, he inserts a CD into the car. All I could hear was, “Are you not entertained?!?! Are you not entertained?!?”

At the time, I was young and unaware of the Gladiator sample and to this day I have never watched that movie. Then another man began to speak. “Brooklyn stand up!” 

 String instruments quickly rise and the beat starts. Up until that moment I have never listened to rap before. Captivated by the words said, sounds heard, and emotions felt within those four minutes and twenty-two seconds I am hooked. 

As I grew older, I indulged in this lovely relationship with music and began to realize… “I want to do this for the rest of my life.”

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  Songwriting is a skill that I have adapted due to the love of music. As a writer, there are times it may be difficult to get things from the brain onto the pad. The feeling and motivation may be there but no words spark your interest. Oftentimes, I find myself in a creative drought and wish the flow of creativity would come back to me. 

The creative drought can be hard. Especially when no inspiration is present. As an artist, I have realized that breaks are needed. However, if you go away for too long a minor break can turn into a severe hiatus due to the lack of inspiration and discipline. Overall, I treat songwriting as a sword; you can not allow it to get dull. You may put it down for a while but it can not be neglected.

As a student, with aspirations of making beautiful vibrations, and dreams for them to be heard all over the world it can be almost dreadful. I wish I could drop everything and focus on my true love but duty calls. I get up everyday and go to school. Meanwhile, I fear that I am missing ideas and concepts that should be effortlessly flowing within my mind. However, I have to write a paper for a teacher I do not want to disappoint. Granted, it can be tough and tiring but I can not escape responsibility. As much as my heart desires to live within the rhythm, things must be done and you will not make it as an artist without the work ethic.

In order to stay true to your true artistry you have to keep up with your ideas. You have to write them down as soon as they cross your mind; whether it be lyrics or concepts or just ideas. 

Success comes down to one simple thing, focus. You must stay focused. Losing sight of this is one of the worst things that can happen to a musician. Once you find your focus, the words start flowing and the endless possibilities for rhyme schemes and flow become a reality. Once you start creating, regardless of the outcome you push through with a hammer and chisel until you have your masterpiece.

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