Citi Bikes does not help those who need them

Ji'Asia Anderson

December 10, 2015

The Citi Bikes that many residents and tourists use in New York City have come to Jersey City. In order to use the bike system, people have to sign up for an annual membership that cost $149. This bike system is good, but it sh...

Don’t let religion affect your job

Ji'Asia Anderson

December 10, 2015

Kim Davis, a Kentucky county clerk, put her beliefs before her job in September and refused to issue a marriage license to a gay couple. She was sent to jail and released after five days for not complying with the legalization ...

New uniforms give students more options

Alexis Gadsden

December 10, 2015

Wearing the same thing everyday is challenging enough for students, but wearing clothes that are also uncomfortable is even worse. In previous years students would buy uniforms from the school website and not be able to wear ...

Students not setting standards high enough

Mahkiya Gresham and Isabel Rodriguez

December 10, 2015

Because of the strong influence New Jersey City University has in our school, many students either attend that college or lean toward their very common second choice, Hudson County Community College. Going to these schools is...

Killing a criminal isn’t a punishment, it’s a favor

Joane Dona

June 17, 2015

The death penalty, taking somebody’s life, choosing whether or not somebody gets the opportunity to live, is not our decision. We are not God, so we should stop acting like it. According to the Death Penalty Information Center,...

Staff Editorial

June 17, 2015

Today the Student Voice staff presents this year’s first issue. While receiving this paper, you may wonder why the newspaper is coming out so late this year. The answer is that we have a whole new staff. We've spent the year...

PARCC is no big deal

Padvina Mahadeo

June 17, 2015

Though students, teachers and administrators have stressed a lot about the Partnership of Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) tests, they’re just like any other test. It’s just something that has to be...

PARCC: A stressful waste of time

Isabel Rodriguez

June 17, 2015

The Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers tests were a very stressful part of this school year. The tests have been widely criticized by many teachers and students across the nation. The idea of newly...

Military overlooks sexual assault

June 17, 2014

by Ashley Ford  The epidemic of sexual assault in the U.S. military is resurfacing in the media and showing one of the downsides of joining the military. In a survey of active-duty members, approximately 26,000 males and females s...

Strengthen the school day,year, keep it short

June 17, 2014

by Giselle Galarza Governor Chris Christie has proposed to extend the school day and year, while giving shorter time in the day for personal needs and a shorter summer with your family.  “Life in 2014 demands something more for our students,” Christie said, as reported by

Don’t let relationships rule you

March 17, 2014

by Trinity Griffin Some teens allow their relationships to control their everyday life. Relationships, especially for teens, can be fun but also a source of stress. With some relationships there’s jealousy, arguing and commitment issues...

Club sweaters should be allowed during school hours

March 12, 2014

by Giselle Galarza Club sweaters should be worn in school to represent pride in and support of our school’s sports and clubs. However, administrators are preventing students from doing so. Gay Straight Alliance adviser Hans Winberg began distributing sweaters in 2...