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Teamwork and mobility with Michael Porter

Teamwork and mobility with Michael Porter

When students think of physical education class, a number of things come to mind; playing with friends, planning lunch time or even lazing around. However, this year, UACHS’ seniors are fortunate to have a new phys ed. teacher who is redefining their physical education experience. 

Hailing from Maplewood, New Jersey Michael Porter is ready to share his knowledge and enthusiasm with students.  

From a very early age, he was athletic due to how much activity usually surrounded him.

“As a child, I liked to have a lot of fun,” said Porter. “I was really active and used to want to run around.”

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However, soon enough, something that was just meant for fun, led to a career. 

“I went to Montclair State University and focused on adult fitness and eventually transferred and got my physical education and teaching degree,” said Porter. “Before coming to UACHS, I was a director at Newark YMCA, running the sports, aquatic and fitness program.”

From the first day of class, it was clear Porter’s passion for physical activity and his experience is what makes him a perfect fit for teaching physical education right here at UACHS. When he joined the school, he brought with him a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm that has completely turned around the way the seniors felt about attending gym and health.

“I enjoy finding a way to bring culture to a school,” said Porter. “Helping kids has always been something I have been good at from teaching swimming lessons to six year olds to becoming a full time teacher myself.”

However, Porter is so much more than just a physical education teacher. Outside the walls of UACHS, he makes sure to enjoy life while still incorporating fitness. 

“Outside the classroom, I love spending time with my girlfriend,” said Porter. “In my free time I also enjoy playing with my dog and going for walks in the morning to ensure that I stay active.”

As the seniors at UACHS prepare to graduate and move on to the next chapter of their lives, they can look back on their time with Porter and remember the fun yet valuable lessons they learned in his class. From the importance of staying active to the benefits of teamwork. 

It is clear that Porter’s dedication to helping young people develop physically and mentally has already made an impact in the short time period he has been here. He has already managed to make a lasting impact on the students here at UACHS. 

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