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Beyond lesson plans

Beyond lesson plans

In a world where education is the backbone of our society, teachers play a crucial role in shaping the next generations. However, despite their significant impact on society, teachers often find themselves overworked and underappreciated.

Being a teacher is not merely a nine to five job; it extends far beyond the classroom walls. Teachers are not just educators; they serve as mentors, counselors, and guides for students navigating their way through life. They shape young minds, instill values, and inspire us students to reach our full potential. Yet, this dedication to nurturing tomorrow’s leaders can take a toll on a teachers’ mental health. 

Just like any other profession, educators face burnout, stress, and anxiety due to heavy workloads, long hours, and often unrealistic expectations. Recognizing the importance of self care and mental well being all while maintaining a healthy teaching environment is crucial for both teachers and students alike.

  UACHS freshman English teacher, John Gurbisz emphasizes the importance of mental health days.

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“Every single person gets exhausted, and that exhaustion is not just physical, it is  mental, it is emotional…” said Gurbisz. “A day is a day at the end of the day, but you being able to be the best teacher you can be is contingent upon you being the best mentally that you can be.” 

Despite being entrusted with one of society’s most crucial tasks, teachers’ needs are often overlooked and many fail to acknowledge the significance of their role. 

“We deal with so many problems from everyone, so many different emotional issues,” said Gurbisz. “I am a parent, a mentor, an older brother, an uncle; I am all of those things and I only get supported for being one of those things.” 

Whether it be heavy workloads or challenging students, administrators fail to recognize the toll these factors can take on a teacher’s well being. 

Parent involvement is also essential. There are instances where parents contribute to the stress a teacher can face. Constant demands for better grades or questioning teacher’s methods without understanding the way a classroom works; without looking at their child and asking what they are doing in the classroom. 

Teachers deserve mental health resources, such as access to counseling services and professional development programs focused on well being. This would help them navigate the challenges faced daily. These measures will ensure that teachers can continue flourishing in their roles while maintaining healthy work life balances. 

Recognizing the need for support, every Wednesday (or whenever it is free) UACHS opens its doors to teachers seeking relaxation amidst their demanding schedules. The zen den offers a quiet atmosphere, with comfortable seating, soft lighting and calming music. 

Mental health should never be brushed aside; it affects everyone regardless of your profession or background. It is time we recognize the need for a dedicated teacher’s mental health day. It would be a day to prioritize their own emotional well being and emphasize just how much they deserve more appreciation, support and fair compensation.

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