Friends: They Come and Go


Janel Paredes, Staff Reporter/Photographer

Have you ever been broken up with by a friend? Or did you break up with them? It’s all so complicated when you end a friendship, even more so than a real relationship.
Having been in a friendship breakup is worse than in a relationship. A friend is supposed to be there forever, be there for your actual breakups and so much more. Yet, when you lose a friend it’s almost like losing a part of you. You lose the connection, the hangouts, and the moments where they are just there for you.
Although there are many reasons why you could have broken up with a best friend or friend, it still hurts because you miss them. Emphasis on you missing the person, not what they did, or used to do which caused you guys to end the friendship.
Sometimes it was just not meant to be. You went your separate ways or you argued over things constantly. Although you can overlook things sometimes and move on, there comes a time when you know it is just over.
Most times, once it is over, people often realize that they should have ended the friendship sooner. When the friendship does come to an end, you feel like you never even really knew the person.
Always look for the best option and end things mutually, try not to make it ugly, and be mature, we are old enough to know what is best for us.
This advice is valid and open to anyone but also never be ashamed to ask the people you trust, they may see things you do not. In fact, the people around you probably know way before you do, and can give the best advice due to experience. Sisters or people, you call family also come in handy for advice and just to talk to about literally everything.
Moral of the story, losing a friend is not the end of the world, but if it meant something you might hurt for a while. However, the pain will not last forever.