The trouble with grades


Garrielle Baldwin

My junior year assignments do not compare to those of my freshman and sophomore years. During this school year, turning in assignments on time and getting the perfect grade is the only thing that matters in my head. I often mistaken my self worth to be what my grades and GPA will add up to be. It is something that I see my peers dealing with as well. 

Virtual-learning felt easier and more in my control. I was satisfied with my grades and the flow of everything. However, returning in person at school affected my confidence. 

With the realization it’s too late for me to aim for a 4.0 GPA and to be in the top ten, I still want to keep moving on with my grades and show my best. So to me, junior year of high school is a huge deal. It’s my last stop to put my all into my grades in order to be seen as worthy of getting into the college of my choice. It also plays a part in weighing heavily in terms of getting a scholarship.  

I sense that other juniors around me are competing to put their all into their grades to seem worthy.  Just like me, they are struggling to keep everything together for the next step. 

Competition can be a motivational way for students to do better. Nevertheless, this type of competition comes with cons. It can interfere deeply with people’s emotions. One party can feel as if the other party is doing too much to get what they want. In reality, both parties don’t mean to hurt one another.

Even though it isn’t said aloud, we secretly compete for our grades and behaviors to be valid, strengthening our other strong academic aspects to outdo our worst ones. 

For instance, some of us, such as myself, think we are bad test takers. I had the idea that my SAT scores wouldn’t make me look good in college applications, so I decided to strengthen my GPA with my assignments and projects. 

School is already difficult enough, so while maintaining good grades throughout high school is important, maintaining good sportsmanship is vital as well. Do not let the competition overwhelm you and get in between your relationships. Do your best and success will follow.