Don’t copy and paste, be original

Idony Pham

We have all been there. The moment when your teacher announces an essay or project and you wait until a few days before or even the night before to complete it. You start looking for the right words to say, but realize you do not know what you are talking about or didn’t take the time to read the material and now need some way to finish the assignment. For a few students, they feel like there is no other choice but to copy and paste in order to complete their assignment. 

The start of plagiarism mostly begins with procrastination and the urge to hand assignments at the last minute. 

Copying off of someone’s work is common when students are struggling with an assignment. At times because they are in such a hurry students don’t even know they are plagiarizing. 

English teacher John Gurbisz, believes that plagiarism is the main cause of students’ inability to complete the required work. Students should face the consequences.

  “Laziness is one of the primary reasons why people act and are not mature enough to do the work that they need to do,” Gurbisz said. “You should not present others’ work as if it’s your work and if you do, then you should be punished to the highest of our student handbook.”

Plagiarism not only affects your grade, but it also affects your student image and reputation. Your peers and teachers might not look at you the same way. 

In addition, colleges and universities won’t accept your application when they find plagiarism in your record. It could be a burden you’ll carry for the rest of your life.

Junior English teacher, Amina Farah explains how plagiarism is a big deal in her classroom, and oftentimes breaks trust.

 “For me, if a student plagiarizes on the extended essay, I do not read further because I can not trust you,” Farah said. “ If I can not trust you at all, I just give you a zero.” 

Plagiarism limits the growth of your education. Plagiarized work decreases your chances of being successful in college and stifles your ability to become better academically. The next time you have an assignment; remember handing in a plagiarized paper is the same as submitting a blank one.