On your mark


The UACHS track team. Photo Credit: Standey Sauveur

Zamir Sweeney, Staff Reporter

Last year, the track team ended a successful season, with the varsity boys breaking

the school’s 4×100 meter record. The teammates were trying to go to state championships but were unable to compete due to minor injuries. Now, the indoor track team is ready to follow in their footsteps and finish the goals set by last year’s team.

The track season starts in August with cross country. While some runners may dread the stamina portion of the sport, it is essential to their growth as athletes. UACHS physical education teacher and head track coach, Christopher Pruden explains why cross country is so important for runners.  

“One of the interesting things about track is that you can practice aspects of it during cross country,” said Pruden. “It is important for all runners because you can increase your stamina, stay in shape, and maintain an efficient running form.”

After cross country, the rest of the track season slowly crosses over throughout the school year. Once indoor track is in session, UACHS sprinters have an opportunity to compete. However, the team also offers other events such as mid-distance running, high jumping, and shotput. 

  Practices are always different for each athlete. Depending on what you’re good at, you have to practice the skills you are struggling with, so you can compete competitively. 

  UACHS Sophomore and varsity runner, Sejeadea Mincey, explains how vigorous track can be, mentally and physically. 

 “It’s calm at first then it starts to get hard and my body starts to hurt because he wants us to run as fast as we can,” said Mincey. “After practice, I sometimes want to cry because my body feels tight and my glutes feel sore from all the running.”

With a new, diverse, team, Pruden’s goal is to improve his athletes overall.

“Our main goal is to get faster, and stronger, and to make the team better. Not just with running, but also with learning how to bond with each other,” said Pruden. “Encouraging your teammates helps the person’s running mindset to be positive which improves their running.”

The track team’s first race occurred on December 16th at the Jersey City Armory, where the varsity girls received fifth place for their sprint medley relay. However, the track team’s journey to the top is far from easy.

Track is one of the most intense sports because it requires hard work, good character, humbleness, and dedication. The Generals track team is willing to work hard and train harder in order to get that winning team plaque once again.