We are tired. Everyone is exhausted; the students and the staff. Our learning environment

is going downhill, and everyone is going down along with it. 

How are we expected to learn? There are people vaping in the bathroom, fighting left and right, and not to mention the Yondr pouches that disappeared as quickly as they were implemented. 

School should be a safe space, however, it appears that it’s far from it.

From the constant announcements of shelter in place, students are worn out from not being able to leave class. It is unfair to individuals who simply want to get their day over and go home.

Since returning from winter break, many students feel unmotivated and even more stressed out. 

Freshmans are still getting the hang of trying to figure out how to function for the next three years. 

Meanwhile, sophomores are just excited to be above the freshmans and not looking forward to junior classes. 

With the extended essay deadline reaching closer and closer, juniors are scrambling off their feet to stay focused, all while having assignments from other classes. 

On the other hand, seniors are hyped for the end of their journey here at UACHS. Altogether, we here at UACHS are a family and have to help each other. We have to push to make sure that 2023 is an amazing year.

 Although high school may seem unimportant, it is the starting point for many who are striving for big dreams. 

The future is much closer than it seems and it’s time to wisen up and take advantage of the opportunities awarded to us by being students here.