Valentine’s Day for All

Janel Paredes, Staff Reporter/Photographer

Don’t be haters! Be lovers. Valentine’s day is all about love; love is a great and deep emotion that shows affection. 

Love is a strong word. We are only in high school after all, so we love things such as our family, food, clothes, our significant others, friends, and getting good grades. 

We use the word “love” to represent things, people, or places that make us happy. High school or not, love can be found everywhere. In all age groups and in different places. 

As we change and grow, we learn to love different things, but the point is that it is still out there for us to find. 

Valentine’s day is a day full of love and a sense of remembrance to cherish and show affection to everything and everyone who brings you joy. 

This day allows people to show appreciation not only to lovers but to family members and friends. This appreciation consists of various ways of action, not just the stereotypical Valentine’s day gifts, including bears, chocolate, and flowers. 

Some may choose to display their acts of love by making big gestures, some may just choose to shoot a smile at someone while walking down the street.

Associated with Valentine’s day, our generation has shed more light on a related name for the day of love with a twist.

 “Galentine’s day” was created for the sole purpose of loving our ladies, from besties to moms to grandmas and sisters. Galentine’s day is celebrated on the 13th of February or “Valentine’s Eve.” It is a love day for our girls that want to show extra love for the special women in their life since everyone believes that and is misconstrued that Valentine’s day is “only for couples. “It’s basically the greatest fake holiday ever,” as said on the show Parks and Recreation. On this day, it is meant for leaving their partners at home and celebrating with their girlfriends. 

Nevertheless, February 14th is meant to be celebrated by all friends, family, and couples. Friends can correspond with school peers. You can give appreciation in platonic relationships, showing and giving love to friends. 

Friends have a big impact on our lives and deserve some extra shine on this special day. 

No matter what, Valentine’s day revolves around love, regardless of age and gender. Make this Valentine’s Day one to remember as it is the perfect time to express your warmth and devotion.