The Student Voice Staff


 As we take a look at the world around us, it’s clear that it’s falling apart. War in 

Ukraine, climate change and constant political disagreement. 

There are big problems that require “big people” and as of right now, we do not fall under that category. As teenagers, we may feel helpless and although we may not be able to solve the world’s problems there are two things we can do; be kind and respectful. Kindness and respect are things we’re taught from a young age. From there, most of us carry it with us for the rest of our lives. However, what does it really mean to be kind and respectful? 

Typically, we constantly hear about respecting others, and from there form our own definition of what “respect” may be. It is not just respect for yourself and your things it is also respect for others and their beliefs. To show that things matter whether they involve you or not. 

Respecting others also comes with respecting yourself, and your own time. 

We also have pressing issues that need to be addressed; whether it is being on time to work or finishing our school work in a timely manner. 

Self respect is one of the most important things; no matter what. You always need time for yourself, set a few things aside and take a mental day. You can always revisit assignments later…but not too late. 

Respecting other’s time is also crucial, especially when it comes down to turning in assignments. Respect should be in every aspect of your life. 

This holiday break, take the time to rest and visit with yourself. Think about what will make you the best you in the upcoming new year. Here’s to 2023 and a brand new attitude.