Leave the past and move forward

New Years celebration at Times Square, NY.
Photo Credit: Flickr

New Years celebration at Times Square, NY. Photo Credit: Flickr

Harpreet Dhami, Staff Reporter

As the new year approaches, we want to move on and think about our future. Let our old selves go and start with a positive attitude. We want the school stress to dissipate so we can start concentrating on self-esteem. Giving up isn’t a solution, but coming up with ways to help us become a much more confident person is. 

Most people can’t let go of their past since they don’t appreciate their present life. This is due to the trauma or hardships, they have faced, which is why it’s difficult to feel fully alive in the present. The trauma can be anything from emotional trauma to even failure in school. They need to figure out what mistakes were made in the past and not repeat them. 

UACHS junior, Gianna Garcia, shared her feelings about the upcoming new year and she’s mostly worried about school life. 

“It’s only a few months into school and everyone is already stressed about their classes,” said Garcia. “It’s hard for people to concentrate on the stuff that is happening at home.”

Many people are stuck in negative self-esteem about what happened in their past. It can be the smallest thing like an argument with a friend, a bad grade in class or even an argument at home. We find ourselves reflecting on these things when we least expect it and it makes us feel terrible about ourselves. Rumination is a behavior where people struggle with moving on with their life. It’s a bunch of negative thoughts about whatever is going on in people’s lives. There are multiple ways to stop ruminating, but the most important one entails moving past the misstep. 

“People need to move on, be more open and get out in the world,” said Garcia. They need to try to do things they enjoy or find something that they are passionate about.” 

There are a few ways for people to move on. One important thing is people need to work on self-esteem and forgiveness. It can begin by forgiving yourself for whatever you have done and not letting yourself down. Another way that’s helpful is talking to someone who you trust and being honest with your feelings. You shouldn’t be embarrassed by sharing your feelings and sharing what you have experienced in your past life. Sometimes, it can help people when you’re receiving advice from other people who may have a connection with you. 

The first step to take is to focus on your present. According to better.com, “the present helps you become happier, and healthier, have more energy, and lessens emotional distress. You may need to practice thankfulness, while also controlling your emotions more effectively.  Being able to connect yourself and have meditation can help you go on to your present life.” 

So, forget about the past and create your own goals. Be passionate and think about your future. Later in life, you will not feel regret since you have shown over the years that you are resilient. On top of that, you will be surprised at how you overcame your past and concentrated on the goals that helped you become a stronger person.

Let those old memories go. Accept that the past will never be the future. Stop going back to a place that hurts you. It is painful, but in order to move on, you have to let the memories go.