Interfaith Club: Different faiths together as One


Interfaith Club Members Photo Credit: Kyle Angeles

Idony Pham, Staff Reporter

The UACHS interfaith club’s primary mission is to share spirituality and eventually connect to one another, acknowledging differences in religion. The club will occasionally collect clothing and food to donate to a church, mosque, or temple in which ballots will be distributed. The club mostly helps create an environment that welcomes individuals from various religious or non-religious backgrounds.

English teacher, Amina Farah believes that the interfaith club will promote harmony and help students become better people and themselves.

“I’m hoping that the interfaith club helps us to bond with each other, appreciate differences and recognize them,” Farah said. “It helps us to define ourselves better because I become more of me because I understand who you are.”

 Ameenah Lawrence, a junior at UACHS, believes that it is crucial to have the Interfaith club to practice service learning and community service. She believes carrying on her sister’s legacy of the club will help those in need and the environment. 

“It feels good keeping the interfaith club alive because it allows people to have a safe space to talk about religion and discuss religious topics,” Lawrence said. “So even if my sister didn’t start it, I still enjoy keeping it alive and continuing its legacy.” 

Awakening to faith is not a one-time event, but a continuously unfolding reality. The journey of faith is not a race, but a marathon of love that each person walks at a different pace.