Sweet Dreams are Made of This

A photo of a girl dreaming of fairies
Photo Credit: Flickr

A photo of a girl dreaming of fairies Photo Credit: Flickr

Josephean Abdelnour, Staff Reporter

  As my eyes slowly close, I enter a different world. Suddenly, with no destination, I’m running with my family around the school. Nothing is on my mind except to flee from a man chasing me. I keep running to the point of no return. Out of the blue, I am at home and in the bathroom. I am sitting on the toilet, confused. I hear my family outside in the living room. I get up and try to open the door, but the door is LOCKED!!! I wake up and think, what could this dream mean? 

According to heathline.com, “Dreams are breathtaking to know as they organize knowledge and form proper brain connections to help the memory cells.” Not being able to dream isn’t a problem, as it means that you have extensive stress; however, it also signifies a lack of sleep and physical or mental health problems. Without realizing it, you may have about six or more dreams in one night.

        While you’re asleep most of your dreams occur during REM (Rapid eye movement sleep). It takes about 20-30 minutes for a single dream to happen. Dreams occur when the brain activates during REM sleep and stimulates the emotional motor system. A dream is a series of thoughts, images, and sensations during sleep. 

 Dreams can have their own meaning, depending on the person. The sweet stories we see while we sleep can be a warning or even a sign, as each level has its purpose and meaning. 

There are five types of dreams: normal dreams, daydreams, lucid dreams, false awakening dreams, and nightmares. Whilst daydreaming, you are conscious but still between being asleep and awake simultaneously. Normal dreams are a level of consciousness when you are fully asleep. A false awakening is when a dream is within a dream. When I thought I had gotten ready for school, I realized later that I was still in bed under my blanket.  

       The worst dreams are NIGHTMARES; these are disturbing dreams that can frighten you. 

With this in mind, lucid dreaming occurs when you are unconscious, and you know that you are dreaming, that sometimes you tend to wake up too. 

We all dream, maybe it’s about what has happened throughout our day, or it can be about something we desire; the truth is we should not be afraid to dream.  They can help you learn more about yourself or can help you live out your fantasies. Dreams are illustrations of the book that your soul is writing for you. We are what dreams are made of, and our life is rounded with sleep.