Emergency: A hospital visit is too expensive!


Photo Credit: Asala Bensahla

Asala Bensahla, Staff Reporter

OMG! You tripped and fell. Your ankle is swollen, and you are in the emergency room. Several hours later, you limp off with painkillers and strict orders to keep your right foot up. However, this is not the only pain you will be feeling. The bill from this trip will leave you wondering if the trip was worth it at all.  

Many patients suffer from the fact that after their emergency hospital trip, there is a huge bill. American households are currently dealing with brutal financial realities caused by the pandemic and near recession. The hardships include high food and fuel prices, slow wage, growth, and limited credit. 

High healthcare expenses and the sharp decline in appropriate health coverage are concerns added to this list. Despite these issues becoming more prevalent across all income levels, families with low to moderate incomes are the most affected.

 According to Commonwealthfund.org, more than half of the working-age persons making less than $40,000 per year reported having trouble paying their medical costs or being in debt due to medical expenses. Medical bill issues might include being unable to pay bills, receiving contact from a collection agency for outstanding payments, and altering one’s lifestyle to pay for medical expenses.

 Former UACHS student Malak Sayed has experience with this problem. “Last time I was injured, I made a big mistake of going to the emergency room,” Sayed said. “I fractured my kneecap and I was given crutches and a knee brace then was later sent home finding a $1,387 bill in the mail from the hospital.” 

Sayed was not happy after receiving that letter in the mail, “I felt more than disappointed, I wished I could just re-do the whole day over again,” said Sayed.

 This could cause families and loved ones that need medical help to avoid the hospital and don’t get the medical attention they deserve. There needs to be a change in hospital prices so citizens can go get treated without worrying about the price that might come at the end of it. Having the feeling of regret after going to get treatment should not be what a hospital makes you feel. Instead of wondering about how you will pay, you should feel a sense of relief and comfort.