The Generals’ basketball season: Teamwork makes the dream work


Three Basketballs Photo credit: Flickr

Standey Sauveur

After last year, UACHS’ boys basketball season was unfortunately cut short due to

COVID-19. Now, the team is hoping for a comeback with some returning and brand-new players. The Generals are playing against schools in Hudson County and hopefully going to the State tournament.

The basketball season begins on December 17th with tryouts being held from November 21st- November 23rd at Sacred Heart. Returning players are required to try out just like this year’s new hopefuls. This will ensure that the best talent makes the team.    

To prepare for tryouts, the players will have to run one to three miles to build up their stamina for the season. They will also work on ball handling and shooting drills to help become all around players. 

UACHS boys basketball team, head coach Marques Robinson has some insight about how tryouts will be constructed. 

“My plan is to start with conditioning then skill work (Ball Handling, Shooting) then I will let them scrimmage to weed out who can play and who can’t,” Robinson said. “I just want to see who is in shape, who can dribble, pass, shoot and who is a great teammate.”

  The basketball team has 14 varsity players and eight of these players are returning players. 

“I prepared all summer getting practice plans and when school started, I went to college practices and camps to understand how to help my team be the best,” Robinson said. 


To be able to play the season, you have to have a specific GPA. If you don’t meet the standard, the athletic director, Michelle Bruce, will put you on academic probation until you get your grades up. 

As the start of the season draws near, many of the players are excited. Senior, Calvin Dickson, shares his excitement and readiness for this year’s team. 

“It’s great. You know, when you see the starting, like most specifically basketball, as you know, it gives you excitement,” Dickson said. “Knowing that you play with people who are like your brothers, your teammates, and you share a court for four or so years.” 

 Practices begin November 24th from 3:15 p.m. to 5 p.m. From there, UACHS’ first official game will be against Ferris High School. Hopefully, the boys bring their best this year so the team can return to being the great winning basketball team they once were.