The Student Voice Staff

New teachers.  New students.  New rules and once again Yondr pouches. New school year, same old problems. Ever since last year, students and physical education staff have struggled with having one set location for their gym classes. Along with that, the amount of people in the lunchroom and the large crowds during dismissal has started to annoy everyone. The lack of organization throughout the whole school is completely evident from gym classes, the lunchroom overcrowding, bathroom situations, and teacher shortages.

The first few weeks have flown by as teachers and students slowly adjust to new 

faces while everyone’s schedules got thrown around during the add/drop period. The building has been split between two warzones. The first floor is all packed hallways with freshmen newly out of middle school. Students running around with immense enthusiasm, but still adjusting to the new environment being shoulder to shoulder getting to classes. On the second floor, you’ll find juniors scrambling in and out of Farah’s class and getting ready to start their extended essays. Overall, the pressure of everything is beginning to take a toll on everyone. 

 It’s only the beginning of the school year, yet everyone’s mental health is already in jeopardy. Panic attacks and stressing only to get a zero on an assignment and struggling to even start it in the first place. Work that makes everyone question if this is really how college is going to be. 

As we get older, the work gets harder. It’s a grind that’s never going to stop.

From here, all we can do is try our best as students and keep on moving forward. Most importantly though, we can’t forget to submit all our assignments, wear our uniforms, and get to class on time. In the end, everything is going to add up.