Student Council: Read All About It!

Garrielle Baldwin, Staff Reporter

The election for this year’s Student Council proved to be the most competitive ever.  Students from all different backgrounds and grade levels campaigned all in the spirit of making change. Anyone at UACHS could apply as long as they were passionate about helping students and representing the school.

 In order to run, students received a packet explaining their responsibilities and gathered written support from their peers and teachers. Clarence Collins who is known school wide as Coach C, wanted to push the students out of their comfort zones in order for them to succeed.

“Meeting those needs of our young people is what drives me to get here,” said Collins. “My vision is to provide a pragmatic solution for introverted kids to be able to go off into employment or become business owners.” 

From September to October, the candidates prepared and the election took place on October 11th. This year’s student council secretary is Dyani Sanchez. Kethaly Fils is the treasurer. Amiya Peterson is vice president and Nyshaon Thomas is president. The announcements were met with cheers from the loudspeakers and applause throughout the school. 

Our student president, senior, Nyshaon Thomas, understands that this school needs change and he is ready to bring his best. 

“The first thing I want to do is bring life to the students,” said Thomas. “I want to make these kids’ high school years fun.”

Senior, Amaya Peterson, who is vice president, got into the race to ensure that this year’s student council is a mix of different genders working together.

 “I feel as though if both genders are in position, it would make the school year better,” said Peterson. “Plus, since I’ve been here for four years, I know the school like the back of my hand.” 

Freshman Sanchez and senior Fils, our secretary and treasurer, are also excited to be in the position to bring in good ideas to UACHS that can create a change. 

“I’m hoping to do more like assemblies helping to influence the kids on trying to be better and to add more activities and clubs to the school,” said Sanchez. 

Overall, the student council looks forward to the ambitious year ahead. Hopefully the majority of their ideas are taken into consideration and the student body sees change.