The need for fun excursions

Harpreet Dhami, Staff Reporter

Field trips. They are part of our core memories related to school. We jump for joy and celebrate when one is coming up because we get to go with our friends and classmates; the people we love. The memories made on these trips, stay with us for life, right? At UACHS, we need more trips.

Having more field trips would make our school years unforgettable.  They are a crucial component of education because they link what the students are learning to real-world situations. 

If students have the ability to go on more trips it will give them a break from tests and schoolwork. Field Trips would help students de-stress and have fun while learning.

Mariama Senghore, a junior at UACHS, voiced her desire for additional field trips and her ambition to reflect on this year as her best high school experience.

“It’s a great idea because we can go places and learn more about a topic that we may have already learned in class,” Senghore said. 

Those struggling with that specific subject may find it beneficial and can eventually understand the topic better. 

Sometimes, planning field trips is challenging because the school has to find transportation or receive permission from the Board. Even though there are difficulties, it is a necessary experience.

Field trips should be a privilege for those who work hard at school just like going out for lunch. In this way, the students that have worked hard throughout the year get a chance to unwind while reinforcing what they have learned. 

“This will be rewarding if we can get a chance to go to new places because of our hard work and we deserve it,” said Senghore. 

Currently, the schools reputation is one of not having school spirit or fun. Having a balance in studies and in hands-on activities is key to upholding UACHS.