Hola, Bienvenidos de nuevo Sra. Castro

Emilie Doumbouya, Copyright

From an early age, Maya Castro has always enjoyed learning new languages and 

meeting new people, thanks to her mother’s influence. She was born and raised in Colombia, where she was exposed to various languages through music played by her father and language lessons given by her mother. Now, after 27 years of teaching Spanish throughout the country, Castro brings her experience to UACHS. 

“I have always loved learning, especially about culture and exploring new languages,” said Castro.

Entering the United States as a teen, she graduated with a psychology and literature degree. Soon after, she landed her first job as a rehabilitation counselor. Castro later returned to college to obtain a degree in Education, where she realized she wanted to become a high school teacher. 

“I became a teacher because I love learning and wanted to be able to teach high school students,” said Castro. “I was called by the principal; he noticed I was looking for a Spanish position and offered me the job.”

Since Castro fell in love with the school, she found the students to be polite and much more engaged in their academic studies here than her previous schools. 

“The students are great and so are the staff,” said Castro. “I’m still learning the ways of this school, but overall they’re great.” 

Castro’s classroom expectations involve being open to learning from others and appreciating the help they give. The most important thing Castro wants us to take away from her class is to always be curious and open minded.