Kyle Angeles, Layout Editor

As a former graduate and educator of UACHS, Samantha Minor is here to reclaim 

her spot as the History II teacher. Minor is ready to teach and use her past experiences to connect with her students. She had been here for some time before, however, after some time at UACHS, Minor unfortunately decided to leave for the 2021-2022 school year. 

She taught at Henry Snyder High School the year she was away. The small and family-like community drew her back to UACHS. After being with the school for a portion of her life being away made her realize how much she wanted to work here. 

I missed the school. I also liked the small class sizes,” Minor said. “It allows me

to really get to know my students. Also, a lot of my teachers cared, and that inspired me as a teacher to make sure my students care too.”  

Now that she is an educator at UACHS, Minor is back and ready to teach and use

her past experiences at the school to connect with her students. Minor’s high school life was filled with self expression, now, she aims to create a safe learning environment, just like it was for her. 

I enjoyed my high school experience because UACHS felt like a safe place to learn and be myself,” Minor said. “I also want to provide guidance to students so that they too can find their path and obtain the version of success they have defined for themselves.”

Minor’s inspiration is to bring back the school spirit by improving the mental spirit of the student body from pep rallies to extra curricular activities. 

“The school is lacking in school spirit, maybe we can do that with more activities, field trips, pep rallies,” Minor said. “Things that would raise up the moral of the students and staff.”

Minor is doing her absolute best to bring back the UACHS she once attended. Her work here is so much more than just history.