Joisil is here to improve lives

Roshone Amaker, Staff reporter

UACHS has hired their new physical education and it feels like he has found his new home. Physical Education teacher Dave Joisil, was born and raised in West Orange, New Jersey and he is here to stay. 

Like most teenagers, Joisil was unsure of what he wanted to do after he graduated. Throughout his first three years in highschool, he never thought about being a physical education teacher. However, during his senior year he realized it was something that he wanted to pursue.

“My wrestling coach was a big influence on me, and he’s the reason I went to college to study Physical education,” said Joisil.

Joisil went to college at Seton Hall University where he did two years then went to William Paterson University for his last two years and studied physical education all four years, where he met his good friend and now co-worker Richard Miller. 

“Miller is my good friend;  we lived about 10 minutes away from each other and over time we would ride to school together,” Joisil said. “He actually called me and said they had an opening at the school and if I could work with him, I would.” 

Joisil’s first teaching job was at his old highschool as a Physical education teacher, where he was the first African- American teacher there. Along with that, he currently volunteers as a wrestling coach at his previous school as well. However, now that he is here at UACHS, he hopes he can make physical education enjoyable for his students.

“I want to make PE fun for students and help them live a healthy lifestyle,” Joisil said. “I have high expectations for me and my students; I want to be the best PE teacher I can be.”

               With the school year well under way the PE department is finally finding a groove and along with them, Joisil while adjusting to the school can inject his energy and passion for healthy living into the student body.