Say Hello to Farid

Sofia Chen, Copyright

After gaining experience as a substitute teacher in public schools, Mohammad Farid 

is passionate about being a mentor for the newer generation and helping students spark their interest in computer science. He is currently teaching AP computer science, website design, and microcomputing at UACHS. 

Farid has been interested in programming and mathematics ever since high school. When starting his journey to find his career, it did not initially start with teaching. When he was younger, his dream was to become a software engineer, but things took a turn. 

“I thought I would be a software developer, but then I decided to leave my first job,” said Farid. “When I did two years of Rutgers first, my dad wasn’t doing too good financially, so I had to step away from college for 15 years.” 

He graduated with a computer science degree after attending Rutgers for two years and Thomas Edison State University for the other two years. Now, he is returning to school to get a master’s in education while teaching simultaneously. Farid also admits that teaching has been fun but challenging. 

 “It is stressful in a way that you have to wake up early in the morning, and lesson planning is important; that takes time. So it is a challenge for me,” said Farid. “Computer science is a method of organizing your life; it’s about problem-solving and critical thinking. So I think it’s important for students to learn about computer science.” 

Farid understands that learning computer science can be challenging, however, it is

 vital if students want to explore different career options. As of right now, Farid is excited to keep teaching at UACHS and is hoping to finish this school year successfully. With technology and computers becoming a more prevalent major, Farid wants to ensure his students are ready for the world, one lesson at a time.