Prout’s Power: Mentoring and Financial Literacy

Janel Paredes, Staff Reporter/Photographer

After being gone for some time, UACHS’ Economic Literacy teacher, Michael Prout feel back at home. Mr. Prout enjoys teaching grades eleven and twelve at UACHS. Having been here before, he is very familiar with the environment. 

An opportunity arose for Mr. Prout and he left New Jersey to join his wife in Dubai. His wife, being a kindergarten teacher, was where the idea of teaching originated.  

“After the market crash my wife actually came up with the idea of teaching what I enjoy, business,” said Prout. “Eight years ago I taught here for two years then had to leave to teach the same topic in Dubai and now I’m back.”

Prior to teaching, he was a mortgage broker. Prout got his Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Baruch (CUNY) college and an MBA from Florida Institute of Technology, in management. Prout is very equipped and well-educated to share his knowledge with his students.

Prout figures that discussing careers and exposing students to finances, business, and how to make money for themselves after they graduate will be the best way to teach. These are subjects he knows well and is very passionate about. Like most at UACHS, Prout is also celebrating Hispanic heritage month.

“I was born in Brooklyn, New York, but my mother is from Panama and my father 

is from Trinidad,” said Prout.

 However, he now resides in Pennsylvania, with a family of his own. 

Through mentoring, Prout is ready and happy to spread his knowledge and success to the students of UACHS.