Our Generals pitch a no hitter

Selena Nguyen and Enzo Suarez, Staff Reporter and Managing Editor

When the Generals step onto the field, they get right down to business. One of the most memorable moments for the UACHS’ Generals boys baseball team was on senior night when they played against Academy For Urban Leadership Charter, with the end result of a 5-4 victory. A walk-off hit to win the game was hit in the bottom of the seventh inning to send Urban Leadership packing their bags. After getting a base hit and stealing two bases, Roshone Amaker stood on third base with Aaron Indardat up to bat. With two outs in the inning, Indardat hit a line drive to the first baseman and after an error, he was able to beat out the first baseman securing Amaker’s run and winning the game.

The baseball team here at UACHS has been led by head coach Richard Miller for the last six seasons. With the team’s leadership being predominantly made up of seniors, their team captain Jordan Chapman and manager Indranie Singh have done their best to provide guidance to the baseball players.

 The team finished with a record of 5 wins and 11 losses, with each game occurring at least twice a week over the past two and a half months. Miller believes that the accountability and the fight that they bring to every game is impressive. 

“This was a team that never gave up no matter what the score was,” said Miller. “They won a baseball game when they were down by nine runs that I did not expect them to win and they just kept coming.”

Miller also speaks on how he plans to equip the boys to make sure they are prepared for, not only their sport, but the real world.

“My vision for the baseball team is for them to bring everything they have learned and all the hard work that they put in and bring that into the next part of their life so they are successful in whatever they do,” said Miller. 

Julio Abreu loves his teammates and the game of baseball. He feels that the sport really brings them together and gives them a chance to compete and have fun at the same time. 

“My favorite part of the season is chilling with my teammates after practices and after games,” said Abreu. “When we win we always have a good positive attitude. All of us just chill out and bond together.”

Jordan Chapman could not resist playing baseball for this school. He saw many things he liked about the culture of UACHS and the school pride that all student athletes carry. 

“I could say that the environment and how the team treats each other made me want to be a part of that chemistry that they had,” said Chapman. 

The fruit of Chapman and Abreu’s labor came when they threw the first “no-hitter” in school history. A no-hitter is when the team in the outfield allows nobody from the other team to get on base. This was one of the biggest feats of the school because it shows that UACHS has progressed so much over the past year. From this, to making it to the state tournament for the first time in eight years, we can only hope for the Boy Generals to carry on striving for success.