A perfect body is a body you love

Quran Butler, Staff Reporter

You should feel comfortable in your own skin. Sometimes though, insecurities get the better of you. Oftentimes they convince you to feel hopeless thinking your appearance is not the most desirable. Some alter their appearance constantly trying to keep up with whatever is the standard at the moment. 

  For decades, society has changed the beauty standard. People try to keep up with the latest trends, but even that can be exhausting for even the most confident people. There comes a point where we look at ourselves and internalize all the things we are not. This causes us to feel insecure about our appearance and minimize our confidence, also known as body insecurity; an internal problem that all people can relate to no matter their age or gender. 

Senior at UACHS, Valerie Solano, explains what body insecurity is in her own words. 

“I think insecurities are like when you do not feel comfortable in your skin,” Solano said. “You feel embarrassed every time someone looks at you, or when you look in the mirror you feel like why do I look like this?” 

The media has a part in setting the mold for the idealistic body and it contributes to us youth because we conclude that we must copy this mold. The way that society implies that you should have perfect features is futile because its a clear misrepresentation. Another senior Kylia Eason explains how the media reinforces certain body images. 

“So you can put it in a inside perspective. You can look at Balenciaga and Gucci; What do their models look like? Do they have any plus size models?” Eason said. “Do any look like me? Do they have any models that are even my height? Do they have models representing most of the population.”

There comes a point when you realize your body is not the way you would like it to be. Instead of dwelling on this fact, you could and should give yourself sympathy. Tell yourself how beautiful and good you are. For most, it all comes down to how you feel about yourself.

“If you do not like yourself, how about you change it or try to have self love,” said Eason. “Do daily affirmations to love yourself even better. Put sticky notes all around the house.”

Do not feel the need to receive validation from your peers. The secret to being comfortable in your body is looking in the mirror and instead of criticizing it, loving it. All the curves, stretch marks, and hair make you unique. When you reach that mindset of appreciating yourself and having self-worth, you result in a place of unwavering confidence. 

“I do not necessarily think the perfect body to me is a person. I feel like a perfect body to me would have to be a body that you love.  The body that you love, is the perfect body for you.” Eason said.