Achoo! It’s Allergy Season

Achoo! It’s Allergy Season

Hannah Ortiz, Editor in Chief

You wake up in the morning, ready to start this new day. The weather is getting nicer, the flowers are blooming, and school is coming to an end. You try to take in that fresh, crisp air, except your nose is stuffed, then you realize your eyes are itchy. The panic is about to strike as you run to the window, hoping it can not be. Allergy season is here and taking down UACHS students and faculty one at a time.

Many people are affected by allergy season. Some side effects can be itchy, watery or red eyes, itchy mouth, itchy nose or throat, headaches, sneezing, and runny or stuffy nose. These things are triggered by pollen, dust, ragweed, or mold, but the main cause of this season’s allergies is the pollen in the air. The problem with this is that the irritation and unpleasant result of it becomes a distraction from schoolwork. Indranie Singh, senior at UACHS, woke up one morning and could not even open her eyes. 

“I am congested to the max and I can not breathe at all, it’s also hard to concentrate on anything because of my eyes being swollen and puffy,” Singh said.

This allergy season also affects asthmatic students as they already have trouble breathing. Janeida Rodriguez, another senior at UACHS, has struggled with allergies and asthma since she was very little. 

“I am asthmatic myself so having allergies affects me in many ways, sometimes I get nervous that the allergies might even cause an asthma attack,” Rodriquez said. 

There is no stopping the allergies but to keep the sneezing at bay take any recommended medication such as Allegra, Claritin, or even Zyrtec. Grab your tissues and eye drops; anything can help you get through this dreaded season.