The pressure of high standards


Ny'Asia Godfrey, Staff Reporter

The expectations in my home growing up have been challenging to live up to, academically. It has always been mandatory that you come home every marking period with straight A’s. With me being the only child, I held the weight of everything on my shoulders and always strived to do my best. However, at times, “my best” was not enough to fulfill the thought of achievement and acceptance from my parents. 

My parents grew up in a damaged home. They never went to college and barely passed through highschool. I notice that this is why I get pressured the way I do, but at the same time it’s wrong. They stayed on top of me and made sure I never slacked. They never stopped to realize how effective it was on my mental state. 

Each marking period, for as long as I can remember, I had to have an A. Every child seeks the acceptance of their parents, it hurts to see them disappointed in you. Recently in my sophomore year I was going through a lot, consequently I earned an insufficient B+ in two courses. My father sent those grades to my mother with a message attached saying, “She took a step back so I wanted to know why.” I began to get a lecture from both of them. In the end, I had all A’s for my year one grade. Had good grades, but was not happy.

UACHS student Nyshaon Thomas also happens to be an only child in a home with a strong academic base. 

“It gets overwhelming at times, I try to do my best, but it’s like when does it stop,” said Thomas. 

He discusses how being pressured also does not help. It actually makes him frustrated and want to give up with everything. 

“I have really tough skin, so if something makes me lose my courage that should say a lot,” said Thomas. “I have learned to get good grades for me, instead of pressuring myself to do good for someone else.”

Anyone in this situation, feeling down about having an A-, B+, or even a C, it is okay and there is more to life than straight A’s and a flawless transcript. Whatever you get, you earned, do not let someone else dictate how you are supposed to feel about it. For me, I choose myself. I choose my mental state being in the right place where I can function everyday. I know the way I study is adequate, so I do not worry myself anymore. Choose yourself.