Finals are creeping up and the end of the school year is right around the corner.

 Seniors are scrambling to finish their Doc Your Block and juniors are sitting back as they just finished their 22 page essay. However, as things wrap up, school policies proceed to change around us. With new faces and new rules appearing out of the blue, UACHS students are just ready for this cycle to finish. 

From returning to a building which we have not been in for almost two years, to having to go back online again and finally wrapping up with the mask mandate being lifted, this whole school year has been a rollercoaster of emotions. 

Walking into the building made school feel more realistic this year than it has been in recent years. With the clumped staircase and busy hallways, some of us did not think we would stay open and stay in person. However, we finally escaped online school (for now..) and the cherishing memories in the classroom made this year special and unlike any other. 

Ever since the start of the pandemic, we can all agree life has been far from normal, but 

as time passes, we’re slowly adjusting to what “normal,” may seem to be today. With that comes getting back into the habit of things. Distractions and excuses should be left in this school year and not strung along to the next.

Focusing on our school work and keeping up with our attendance and grades must continue to be our main priority. Not only that, but the safety of our peers and ourselves should also be a concern as well. For some students, school is a safe place, however, as the school year goes on, it is evident that violence proceeds to break out left and right. From incidents across the United States to right here in our own hallways, UACHS should be able to come together as a small community and create some sort of peace for our own safety. If students continue to proceed with their actions, who knows what might occur in September. 

Now that the grades are finalizing and some of us already have a plan for what comes next, summer is right around the corner. In hopes that everything would be more put together as we return for our next school year, we can only see what the future has in store for us. Finish out the school year strong. Have a happy summer. Return in the fall with your game face. Good luck.