The truth about how we feel about June 23, 2022


Shyann Cordero, Arts and Features Editor

When COVID hit, students at UACHS rejoiced in excitement for their two weeks off. We were all excited to stay home and try virtual learning. When two weeks turned into four, then six, then a year, the truth of our situation still did not hit us. Now, two years later, that reality really set in. The 2020 sophomores are now the 2022 seniors and we are all wondering, how is it that we are about to walk into college with only two real years of high school under our belts?

As we progress through our final year, this whole situation is officially happening. We are going to graduate and be jump-started into society as acting adults. The issue is that a lot of the seniors here do not feel ready for the future that is imminent.

Senior Bilal Mazhar believes that he is unprepared due to our missed years.

“I definitely think I should be more prepared if I had a normal highschool experience,” said Mazhar. “There was a lot of key information we missed. I did not learn anything.”

The lack of real high school education has been detrimental to our maturing and now we are expected to just be comfortable stepping onto a college campus. Personally, I barely feel ready for Doc Your Block let alone walking the stage that concludes the past four years. This feeling is one that’s filling many of the seniors with dread as we get closer and closer to that June 23rd senior year deadline. 

Senior Indranie Singh is familiar with this fear that also comes with excitement in her case. 

“It is exciting to experience new things, but it’s also very frightening because you never know what to expect,” said Singh. “I am a little afraid, but I hope that my life after high school will be a good one.”

There really is nothing we can do to feel better about the impending future. All we can do is enjoy the remaining time we have here and use it to help us learn how to function as real members of society. Seniors, congratulations on making it this far even with COVID. Even though we did not have the true high school experience, we made it through a different kind of experience that is unique to us. Through it we have become stronger. Use this new found strength to your advantage and good luck on your next journey, class of 2022.