Goodbye Sean Sawyer


Jaelin-Renae Arceo, Staff Reporter

For 14 years, Sean Sawyer has been a member of the UACHS family. From taking

 part in UACHS’ summer programs to always having his door open for students to come in, he has been a cornerstone of our school. However, like all things in life there eventually comes a time to move on and this moment happened this past April. As the students of UACHS walk the halls in despair, we reminisce about the times we had with him and all of the things we will miss. 

Sawyer left his position here at UACHS to pursue a new path at Community Charter School in Paterson, New Jersey. He believes that he experienced a lot in his time at UACHS and now is the right time to further his experience in education. 

        “Leaving UACHS allows me to have a bigger impact on the lives of other students,” Sawyer said. “That’s what my mission is, education wise, to be able to impact the lives of students.”

Being a part of a small charter school with over ten years of experience, in certain situations, there’s only so much you can do to help. Sawyer finds that he did plenty for the UACHS community and went through with many plans he had for this school. 

“I have done a lot, but I always feel like I could have done more. I achieved many of

the goals I set for the school,” Sawyer said. “I wanted to create programs students benefited from so teachers can better understand students.”

Sawyer’s desire to be a positive influence to students is something he strived for and many students felt. 

“Overall though, I wanted to be a pivotal figure towards African-American and Latino male students,” Sawyer said. 

Sawyer’s passion is still felt all throughout the UACHS halls. Many students miss his warm presence and words of wisdom. However, like all things in life there comes a time to move on. Sawyers desire to make positive changes in education are real and hopefully that desire inspires his new students for years to come.