Broken Promises and Forgotten Hope


Shaun Angeles, Staff Reporter

Imagine that you give your all to one person. You give up your time, affection, and patience. Things that should be spent wisely and never taken for granted. You spend years waiting and hoping for something… for someone. Ignoring all the warning signs, all because you chose to see them in this perfect light. You tell each other secrets. You make promises. Things seem like they are going well, but not every story has a happy ending. 

Love is complicated. Finding the right person to love even more so. Within that process, heartbreak is an inevitability. What is heartbreak anyway? The most basic definition is a feeling of great and deep longing. Often connected to unrequited or lost love. Every person handles a broken heart differently. Some may move on fairly quickly, as if the love they once felt was nothing more than a drop in the ocean, while others experience more than just a broken heart.

Betrayal, confusion, and anger cannot begin to explain the multitude of feelings one may feel. To have your trust perverted and used. To have your love twisted into an unhealthy and one sided attachment. People say communication is key, but when it is rare and often leaves you knowing nothing…what is the point? The most logical thing to do in this situation is leave. Many people would come to this realization and do so right away. However there are the few who stay and keep trying, clinging onto one thing that is keeping them sane. Hope.

Hoping that this person will change. Hoping that things will turn in your favor. Hoping for a future that was never promised, only dreamt of. Hoping that somehow or someway everything will work out, but sometimes things do not and that person will live their happy ending, forgetting all about you. And yet what hurt the most, what pushed me over the edge. Was not the lies nor was it my own mind. It was watching the girl I loved and cherished fall for someone else. It was watching her give her all to someone else without hesitation and without warning. That was my breaking point. That was the moment my already bleeding heart shattered.