Fighting: Is it worth it?


Shaun Angeles, Staff Reporter

 It is lunch time. You sit down in the MPR to eat your lunch. Everything seems like it is going well for the most part. Then you hear yelling and banging coming from the other side of the room. You look up and see other students on the floor brawling it out. Hair being pulled, punches being thrown and screams coming from all around. What you hoped would be a peaceful meal has gone down the drain and now everyone must pay.

Fights in school stink. Simply put, they are a nuisance and a hindrance to everyone not involved. Many seniors, including myself, have seen a plethora of fights breakout in the UACHS halls. Some may have seen a fight first hand or learned about it after the fact through videos and secondhand accounts. 

Because of these fights, privileges that once belonged to students were stripped away. Thus insighting tension between students. With more tension comes more fights. More fights means more privileges taken away, thus repeating the cycle over and over. Mark Sanchez, senior and student council president, believes issues can be solved without violence. 

“I feel that it is irresponsible… I do not think students should be releasing this type of energy on violence,” Sanchez said. “They could just come to me or to the admins to settle what they got.”

Resorting to violence is never the answer. The consequences that follow a fight are 

always much worse. Since freshman year I have seen many students suffer countless consequences for being involved in a fight. Some were suspended for days leaving a mark on their record. Some had lunch privileges taken for a week or more. Others even had their parents called and brought in, leaving them to a much worse fate at home. 

“They can just talk it over themselves, just because of one person’s mistakes the whole school should not have to suffer,” Sanchez said.

It is because of these fights, these senseless acts of anger, that the entire student body endures the repercussions. Yondr pouches being the main consequence brought about because of these fights. Who knows what else could be brought to this school if fights more frequently occur. No student in their right mind should use fighting as a means to settle their differences. It is barbaric, a waste of time, a nuisance, and most of all it is pointless. 

In the end what does fighting even give you. A sense of superiority? Power? An ego boost? Well let me tell you, a fight cannot give you any of that. No matter if you win or lose, you both end up bloodied and bruised, both end up dealing with the consequences.